Toolbox Safety Tips (TSTs) are designed specifically for concrete cutters, polishers and scanners. TSTs can be used in employee safety meetings and can be an important part of a company’s safety program. Each TST comes with five quiz questions for employees to complete, and upon completion a notification is sent to the employer. CSDA has released over 100 TSTs since the program began and more sets of TSTs are available.

    Included in this package:

    TST 109 - Preventing Heat-Related Injuries 
      TST 115 - Safe Lifting
      TST 116 - Slurry Burns
      TST 119 - Preventing Hearing Loss
      TST 120 - Asbestos Awareness
      TST 121 - Carbon Monoxide Safety
      TST 122 - Protecting Your Eyes
      TST 130 - Respirators 
      TST 132 - Sun Safety for Outdoor Workers 
      TST 134 - Frostbite
      TST 141 - First Aid and Emergencies 
      TST 176 - Finger and Hand Injuries
      TST 177 - Injection Injuries 
      TST 190 - First Aid Kits
      TST 197 - Cold Weather Conditions 
      TST 198 - Cold and Flu Advice
      TST 206 - Energy Drinks 
    Toolbox Safety Tips - Injury/Illness Prevention
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