Toolbox Safety Tips (TSTs) are designed specifically for concrete cutters, polishers and scanners. TSTs can be used in employee safety meetings and can be an important part of a company’s safety program. Each TST comes with five quiz questions for employees to complete, and upon completion a notification is sent to the employer. CSDA has released over 100 TSTs since the program began and more sets of TSTs are available.

    Included in this package:
      TST 125 - Preparing for Emergencies
      TST 126 - HAZWOPER Training
      TST 137 - Workplace Violence
      TST 154 - Job Safety Analysis
      TST 159 - Evacuation Safety
      TST 161 - Its All About Attitude
      TST 166 - Housekeeping 
      TST 167 - Harassment in the Workplace 
      TST 173 - Tornado Safety
      TST 189 - Escaping in an Emergency 
      TST 199 - OSHA Inspection Advice 
      TST 201 - Near Misses 
    Toolbox Safety Tips - Office Procedures (BPs)
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